Out of This World Fun

The readership tag says this book is aimed at kindergartners through third-graders. The story might be elemental, but its lessons are for all ages. Donna McFarland’s Duck and Friends Go Into Orbit delivers more than the title promises. Each of its five chapters is well-rounded enough to be a separate story. The settings are not … Continue reading Out of This World Fun

A Reader Rescues a Bully’s Love

Author, B. S. Gibbs, summarizes this as a “chapter book for kids … illustrated with a dozen intricate, beautiful drawings.” True. The attorney/storyteller inspired by Jane Austen, light fantasy, “and all things medieval,” goes on to tout Janetta and the Book Thief  as a trove of positive pleas for reading, kindness, inclusiveness, and anti-bullying. Those things … Continue reading A Reader Rescues a Bully’s Love