You Never Know What Hides Inside

Little Danny shouts to mom about a curious sight. There’s a dinosaur in the toilet bowl. She tells herself that can’t be right. The anxious woman trots upstairs, to see what he really means. From there, Horace Hughes launches a clever, story about loneliness and friendship with lots of funny scenes. There’s a Dinosaur in … Continue reading You Never Know What Hides Inside

Curiosity That Changed Life

Writing is hard. What’s even harder is to write in a way that breathes life into a topic most readers see as dull. In Fossil Hunter: How Mary Anning Changed the Science of Prehistoric Life, Cheryl Blackford resuscitates a long forgotten hero as pivotal to the development of Earth Science and Natural History as the … Continue reading Curiosity That Changed Life

The Almost End And Again

Wanna-be fiction writers worry too much about what and how to tell the right story. In my days at the university, I told students not to spend a lot of energy on that thought. There are only about unique 13 stories, that is combinations of human circumstance. Beyond those, tales are a mix and match … Continue reading The Almost End And Again

Out of This World Fun

The readership tag says this book is aimed at kindergartners through third-graders. The story might be elemental, but its lessons are for all ages. Donna McFarland’s Duck and Friends Go Into Orbit delivers more than the title promises. Each of its five chapters is well-rounded enough to be a separate story. The settings are not … Continue reading Out of This World Fun

Sherlock Holmes Under Glass

Margaret Walsh’s collection of Sherlock Holmes stories is as odd as the title, which might exist to fascinate readers or describe a plot with just enough twists to mimic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Adventure of the Bloody Duck seems designed to pique readers’ curiosity enough to check out the book. The volume’s overall honest, friendly tone, … Continue reading Sherlock Holmes Under Glass

A Friend in the Night

You feel it sometimes – an unknown voice that reaches from some depth that is often out of touch in the mind. It rolls over you like a calm tinged intrigue, a “let’s see what happens” moment with an anxious crust, deeply spiritual. More than once, alone at the wheel on an empty road in … Continue reading A Friend in the Night