I Wondered Where It Went

What can I say? The thrills and mysteriousness in The World of All Things Lost will prompt readers young and older to turn its pages. Pirates, thieves, time travel, friendship, love, and more, draw together to make first-time author John Parnham’s novel an adventure that grabs youngsters ready for chapter books and stings their imaginations. … Continue reading I Wondered Where It Went

Manners Touch The Heart

Brudders Learns The Joy of Saying Thank You by K.A. Leigh My rating: 5 of 5 stars In the launch of the Brudders read-aloud series, K.A. Leigh and husband Derek Roberts, have developed a main character, a whimsical world and visual style that children and adults will find seductive. I received an Advance Reader Copy … Continue reading Manners Touch The Heart

Words Work Wonders

The title teases the imagination. There is just something about the tight, double-trio of verbiage that makes a first-time viewer say, “Nah! It can’t be.” That is why readers and word-lovers are likely to find amazement and satisfaction when they open this or any of the previous volumes of Doug Weller’s Six Word Stories. I … Continue reading Words Work Wonders

The Key to Life is to Be-long

In a volume of presentations at the 2012 International Colloquium of American Studies, on poetry in the United States, Marcel Arbeit, noted student on southern culture, writes, “Poems as Part of Everyday Life According to Fred Chappell.” On point, Arbeit writes that the North Carolina laureate Fred Chappell’s thought that “bad poetry,…has too much pathos, … Continue reading The Key to Life is to Be-long

Puzzle Solver as Poodle

The book highlights questions that confounds many adults in the United States these days, and offers answers that make the deadly plague and safety practices understandable, even to a preschooler. The toy poodle star of the debut picture book co-authored by A. Chakravorty and M. Stainwell, and Illustrated by Claudia Fasser, puts scientifically accurate information into … Continue reading Puzzle Solver as Poodle

Love As a Trick in the Head

Engle tends to make a common literary trope into a page-turner, because she is not afraid of the weird. The fish-out-of water scenario and deft prose in her 2013 debut work, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light, brought to mind Mark Twain’s 1889 classic, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. Part of that is the author’s … Continue reading Love As a Trick in the Head