As the site’s tagline declares, Veereads is the fruit of a relentless devotion to showcase stories and imagery that engage the spirit and imagination. I review a wide range of works – collections of poetry, essays and short stories, novels, comics (graphic novels), memoir, inspirational and religious – that feed my fascination with stories as a foundation of civilization and reality. In short, the tales we tell ourselves about ourselves help us to mirror ourselves in a complex world. My style is frank, fair and balanced, and directed to “pull your coat” about works that are often underexposed. Look  at the sidebar for Recent Posts.

Me?  I am a storyteller, author, editor, blogger, and retired university professor of Creative Writing. For information on my books and other literary pursuits, check out The Golphin Collection. Now in Central Florida, I still teach every now and then, but write most of the time. Questions?